Paris Is Always A Good Idea

PARIS// I love everything about Paris.  I lived there for a year, and spent much of my time exploring museums, sitting at outdoor cafes, and drinking tea in some of Paris's exquisite tea rooms.  The Louvre, of course, is one of my favorite places to visit.  It is one of the world's largest museums and is one of the most visited landmarks in Paris. It houses the famous Mona Lisa-which is protected by bullet proof glass and body guards!  The Louvre contains about 7,500 paintings-and they say it would take 100 days just to see each piece!  The glass pyramid that I am standing in front of was built in 1989 and is made entirely of glass and metal.  The Louvre, rich in culture and history, will leave you inspired.  Not planning on visiting Paris anytime soon?  In the meantime, take this virtual tour