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Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew that I would one day be a teacher. In high school, some amazing teachers even let me teach lessons in their classrooms. Because of those passionate teachers in my life who recognized the same passion in me, I am proud to say that since then, I have earned both my Undergrad and Master’s in Education. I am also a certified Educational Therapist, and am trained in a variety of programs catering to students with learning differences. I have taught in the US, Paris, France and Milan, Italy. While living in Europe, I was exposed to a multitude of cultures, religions and ethnicities. That experience truly enriched my life, and taught me to be open minded as a teacher, and as a learner. I am inspired daily by every student that I teach, and hopefully this blog will inspire you as well.




Why did you start Education Delivered?

I wanted to reach out to a more global community outside of LA and create a platform for parents and students to make learning fun and exciting!


Do you currently teach?

Yes! I have a private tutoring practice in Los Angeles, California. Working with students in a one on one learning environment has been the most rewarding experience. Seeing my students succeed in school is the greatest gift!