Alex Munchak

Star Constellations

Alex Munchak
Star Constellations

I always tell my students to reach for the stars. It is one of my favorite cliché sayings because it challenges them to always aim higher. But have you ever looked into the night sky and wondered where all those millions and million of stars come from? 

Before the activity 

Before you and your child sit down to do this activity, I suggest taking a night stroll with your child and star-gaze. Look at the patterns, rather, the constellations, of the stars. Discuss with your child what they see. 

Download some helpful apps to identify these constellations

Quick facts

  • Astronomers divide the night sky into 88 constellations.

  • The sun, moon and planets travel along the ecliptic path.

  •  The 13 constellations they pass through are the stars of the zodiac


Materials needed


Have your child put their engineering hat on and reconstruct the constellations from the examples you showed them. Discuss what makes each constellation different.

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