Galaxy Easter Eggs

Happy Easter & Happy Passover! I loved creating these galaxy inspired Easter Eggs with one of my students this past week!  It furthered our love and fascination with solar system, and was a super easy and fun activity for the whole family!  Create galaxy Easter Eggs to explore outer space and the solar system! 


  • Egg Decorating Kit (link)
  • Blue, Purple, Black & Gold Acrylic PainT (link)
  • Silver and Gold Glitter  (link)
  • Olive Oil
  • Silver Paint Pen (link)
  • A dozen hard-boiled eggs 
  • Sponge Paint Brush (link)


First, start a conversation with your child about our amazing solar system--the planets, the stars, constellations and beyond!  Watch this Brain Pop video to get started.

Once you spark their curiosity,  you are ready to create your galaxy eggs! 

  • Dye the eggs using the PAAS kit
  • Set aside a bowl with 2 cups of cool water and 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Add a few drops of acrylic paint into the bowl and stir
  • Using a spoon, dip the dyed egg into the will quickly become marbleized!
  • BE CREATIVE!  You can use a sponge brush to paint the eggs a solid color, and add glitter!  You can even draw constellations on the egg using the silver paint pen.  The possibilities are endless..just like the galaxies!

Visit: 14 Galaxy-Inspired Easter Eggs That Are Out of This World for more ideas & inspiration! 

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