Football & Math (Part 2)

I am excited to share part two of my football and math series with the Pittsburgh Steelers! Today we are using football scenarios to teach adding and subtracting integers.

To start, we need to understand what an integer is. Integers are like whole numbers. They also include negative numbers but not fractions! 

Watch this video that demonstrates this activity!

What you need:

  • A painted football field (with the yard lines painted)

  • Football

  • Pencil

  • Paper

Here’s how it works:

Relate adding and subtracting integers to football! Use scenarios like the ones below to teach first downs, loss of yardage and length of a touchdown. 

Here are a few examples using integers:

1. Tom Brady is his own 33-yard line. He needs to get to the 50-yard line for a first down. On the next play, the running back runs 15 yards. Did they get the first down?

2. Antonio Brown has a 45-yard catch for a touchdown. What yard line did the play start on?

3. Aaron Rogers is on the opponent's 15-yard line. He is sacked for a loss of six yards. If he needs sixteen yards for the first down, what yard line must the team get to on the next play?

Here is a fun game to play on this topic. Print this worksheet for assistance in this activity. 

For more on integers, visit here.

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